National Trust AGM

National Trust AGM 

Members of the National Trust will have received the AGM information pack that includes a vital vote to ban all hunting on National Trust land.

National Trust members have this opportunity to end the false alibi of 'Trail Hunting" because of a resolution brought together by concerned members who are fed up with hunts running roughshod over our precious, protected and maintained habitat and wildlife.

The resolution states:

“That the members agree that The National Trust will not permit trail hunting, exempt hunting & hound exercise on their land, to prevent potential illegal activity in breach of The Hunting Act 2004 & The Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and to prevent damage to other flora & fauna by hunts, their hounds and their followers.”

The vote takes place at the AGM in Swindon on October 21. We are asking all National Trust members to vote. You can vote by proxy, online or in person on the day for the National Trust to prohibit trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise on their land.

You can vote online or use a postal vote - both must be received by 23.59 on Friday 13th October 2017.

Don’t be confused by terms like trail hunting, exempt hunting or hound exercise as these are often used by blood hunts as a cover-up for the real activity - the illegal act of hunting wild animals with packs of hounds, and make no mistake - wild animals are still being cruelly killed on National Trust land.

The false alibi of trail hunting came into effect after the introduction of the Hunting Act. At the time, the traditional sport of Drag Hunting and the Masters of the Draghounds & Bloodhounds Association (MDBA) didn't want their sport brought into disrepute, they were convinced that Trail Hunters will hunt illegally so refused to let them join.

This group of huntsmen created the name 'Trail Hunting'. Had the trail hunters intended to act legally they would have joined the Drag Hunts Association. 

Whilst foxes may be the centre of attention, other animals such as deer, hare and mink are also hunted illegally.

Your vote for the resolution will create hundreds of thousands of hectares of land where wild mammals can find a safe sanctuary away from a minority of cruel people who want to hunt them with dogs and kill them for fun.

Drag Hunting has a long tradition. The riders follow a preset, non-animal based scent laid by a human runner. Drag hunts also use bloodhounds, not foxhounds. The sport is preferred by serious horse riders as the route is both challenging and controlled, and of course, no wild animals are killed. Sandhurst Academy Hunt was formed in the 1800's and is the oldest Drag Hunt on record. It was always used as tradition and an opportunity to ride across the land and exercise horses and dogs, but never to kill wildlife. Naturally, it is popular. 

It seems Trail Hunting is a Frankenstein style hybrid designed by blood hunters to facilitate their need to kill for pleasure. In 2015, IFAW published a complete expose of Trail Hunting in their seminal report “Trail of Lies”. You can read the report here Trail Hunting

Exempt hunting is what allows stag hunters to get away with continuing their ‘sport’. They use two hounds, in a relay, to chase a stag to terrified exhaustion before killing it and conducting their ‘bloody rituals’ as a celebration of the kill. Under certain conditions, it is legal to stalk and flush wild mammals with two dogs. But stag hunters abuse the law and stick two fingers up to the British public and landowners - such as the National Trust - by claiming that they are conducting conservation or scientific research when, in fact, they are illegally killing stags to satisfy nothing more than their lust for blood.

The National Trust actually banned stag hunting from its land back in 1997, well before the introduction of the Hunting Act and with very good reason - stag hunting causes extreme and unnecessary suffering. In response to concern from members, the National Trust commissioned an independent scientific study into the welfare implications of hunting red deer with hounds. 

The report concluded that the negative effects of hunting red deer with hounds were so severe that the National Trust banned stag hunting from its land the day after publication. However, thanks to the work of Hunt Monitors and the Hunt Saboteurs Association there is evidence that, to this day in parts of Devon and Somerset, deer are still hunted on National Trust land. 

Hound exercise is the latest “pretence” used by blood hunts for a particularly barbaric and sick practice, originally and more truthfully known as Cub Hunting, the activity was renamed as Autumn Hunting in an attempt to sanitise it. However, that smokescreen has now faded and the blood hunters now refer to the activity of training their new hounds to hunt and kill foxes as ‘hound exercise'.

It’s understandable that National Trust members as dog lovers would, upon seeing the words "hound" and "exercise" not be alarmed at what appears to be a good use of open land. Don’t be deceived; these people are often splitting up fox families - killing cubs and also parents that will stay to defend their babies even at the cost of their own lives. Foxes are dedicated and committed parents.

Blood Hunters, in an attempt to continue what they believe is their right, have used tradition, conservation and even animal welfare claiming that hunting only targets the sick and elderly in a series of failed attempts to ‘justify’ their own bloodlust. 

Since the introduction of the Hunting Act, they have made many attempts to repeal the law and defended those caught for breaking it at huge financial cost, but have become increasingly desperate as each and every avenue is closed down. 

National Trust members now have an opportunity to say enough is enough - no more lies and deception and no more hunting on National Trust land. 

The National Trust has a proud history and is one of our most respected charities. It has long been a leader in stopping cruelty to wildlife and the destruction of precious habitats. NOW is the time for its membership and trustees to once again stand up to protect our fauna and flora from the blood hunters.  

We ask ALL National Trust members to join us and vote to support the resolution on 21st October to prohibit trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise on their land.

Thanks for your continued support,

Dr. Bri and Anne

Save Me Trust 

National Trust Members Use this link to vote online

Contact [email protected] or call us if you are having trouble registering your vote, if you run out of time give 'Anne Brummer' our CEO your proxy vote.