What is Puppy Farming?

Puppy Farms is a term used to describe the large scale, commercial breeding of dogs. Puppy farms are present in every county of the UK, but most are concentrated in Wales, Ireland and even, Eastern Europe. The demand for pedigree puppies has grown massively over recent years. Puppy farmers have set up to maximise their profits, with little or no regard to the health and welfare of the parents or puppies.

Puppy Farmers sell through pet shops, garden centres and, often, through, associates - people, using their own homes to sell these intensively bred puppies for a commission.

Whilst dog breeders are required to be licensed from the local authority and should receive an annual inspection from the council, some breeders have been able to exploit, the advanced notification of visits to move dogs from the address or worse still, kill them.

A simple rule for everyone buying a puppy is to ask ‘where’s Mum”? - A genuine breeder will always be happy to show you the mother with her pups and you should always insist on seeing your new puppy before you agree to purchase it.

Puppies sold over the internet, in pet shops or people's homes where Mum isn’t present, or by someone who gives you a seemingly, plausible excuse why the Mum isn’t present or if she is, why is she acting nervously around the Puppies,(often, they are not hers!), check, does she have milk? Or that 'kind' breeder who offers to ‘meet you halfway’ - perhaps at a service station, to save you the full journey. Anything like this should RING AN ALARM to you and should be instantly treated with suspicion. Remember - if in doubt - DON’T BUY! You may be saving one puppy but you'll be fuelling the industry because as soon as that one's sold - another will replace it.

The conditions the puppies are born into are often ‘horrific’ on these intensive puppy farms - with bitches kept in small enclosures of concrete and steel, without heat or light, and fed the bare minimum to keep them alive, they are often bred more than the four times that the Kennel Club will register litters from a single female, and usually over the six times recommended maximum. In truth, they are bred, despite, ongoing illness. One breeder in Wales was prosecuted in 2016, for 34 offences including a Bison Frise with cataracts and a gangrene from an ear infection!

The puppies suffer to - with health and temperament conditions, leaving one in three new owners facing vet bills of thousands of pounds, leading to many young puppies being discarded or surrendered to animal rescue centres - some puppies are so sick, they die young - causing extreme distress to the new family.

Please don’t forget the ones who remain unsold, for them, they face the option of being ‘bred’, just as the parents were, or destroyed because they have failed to make money for the breeder.

Puppy farms are places of cruel exploitation. Please DON'T BUY from pet shops, the internet, or the local free ad newspapers. Always ask to see the puppy with the mother. Every reputable dealer will be happy to agree to this. Only those with something to hide won't agree. NO MUM - NO SALE