Hunting the Clean Boot

“This is the future of Hunting! All the fun and tradition with no cruelty, no lies, no kill ”

The Save Me Trust supports the Three Counties Bloodhounds. Their Master and founder Byron Johns was a former hunt master but unlike some 60 packs in the UK he’s turned his back on the inhumane and cruel hunting and embraced the Hunting Ban. 

This great pursuit has all the tradition of the ‘Meet’  with none of the cruelty We have supported Byron Johns for the last three years and have been on several Hunts.There Counties Bloodhound are supported by the Hunt Saboteurs This is an honest sport and is not fox hunting , they don’t accidentally catch foxes they hunt only a human runner.

It’s the difference between rugby and football. Rugby players would never use a round ball and visa versa. Bloodhounds do not drag hunt (whereby a pre laid trail is hunted) they scent and hunt a human runner. 

During the day hounds are released and encouraged to find the scent and follow the path of the runner and are obviously followed by the riders, people who ride can enjoy tradition, seeing and hearing hounds work and the adrenalin of a high speed chase .  When you ‘Hunt the Clean Boot’ you will never accidentally catch a fox because the hounds aren’t trained on fox scent.

These lovely bloodhounds chase the runner with their distinctive “speak”.  I have to confess when I first heard them in full cry it made me think of all those foxes bred to be killed but now we smile as the hounds chase their quarry,  knowing the only thing the hounds will do is lick their quarry and give them cuddle. 

It’s a good ride for competent riders and and a great day out . Why not Hunt legally and Join a Clean Boot Hunt. We recommend Hunting the Clean Boot as the way forward, we do not recommend Trail Hunting it is a cover for Fox Hunting. Join them and we may just see you at the meet


Dr. Brian May, founder of Save Me Trust said: “It’s clear now that the ban on Fox-Hunting is here to stay, and rightly so, of course. The British public, as represented by their currently elected MPs, will not tolerate a backward step into the old barbaric ways. So now, as a benefit of the Hunting Ban, we are seeing the best of traditional country activities reborn as a healthy and honest pursuit - a ‘sport' in the true sense of the word. Compassionate Riders are the future - men and women who enjoy developing their riding skills without the stain of blood on their hands." 

Anne Brummer, CEO of the Save Me Trust said: “It’s great to see this cross country sport moving away from the barbaric fox hunting. Much like clay pigeon shooting, people are turning to the humane alternatives. It’s inconceivable that we would have attended a hunt a few years ago. We have found that ex-fox hunters do not want the cruelty. One female long term supporter of fox hunting told us she was sickened when she watched a fox thrown to the hounds. We have evolved beyond savaging foxes with dogs. As a very primitive form of pest control, it has always been ineffective. The Conservative party have a record number of MP’s who now spoken out against fox hunting, who had previously supported the repeal. Fox hunting, along with badger baiting, cock fighting, and bear baiting, should remain in the past. 

Save Me with the the Three Counties Bloodhounds Wales 

To join the amazing Byron Johns (Master) on a Clean Boot Hunt click here -



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