by Nigel
on 15 September, 2016

Clothes to Die for? is a new campaign by Dr. Brian May’s Save Me Trust

The international fur trade is worth at least £10 billion per year - but at what cost? Over 40 million animals are killed for their fur every year - 85% of them are bred and killed on fur farms and the rest are trapped in the wild - solely for their fur. Worse, this figure does not include the millions of rabbits killed each year for the fur trade. Shockingly, there are

6,500 fur farms within the EU. The European Union is the world’s largest producer of factory farmed fur with around 30 million mink, 2 million Fox and 100,000 raccoon dogs killed for their fur alone -  every year.

The Save Me Trust wants to see the end of fur factory farms and calls for an end to the selling of animal pelts for the fashion industry.

Anne Brummer CEO of Save Me said: “The fur industry makes its huge profits by keeping production costs down to the bare minimum. On fur farms, animals are kept in appalling conditions, crammed into row after row of tiny barren cages, and left to stand on metal bars for their entire lives. For species such as mink and fox, these conditions are especially appalling, as they are wild animals and would naturally travel many miles each day.

 This new campaign aims to see the closure of fur farms throughout the EU and around the world and an end to the cruelty and suffering endured by millions of animals.