Bri & the First Shot Badger 2017

by Anne
on 13 September, 2017

Dr Bri & the First Shot Badger 2017

The killing has begun again, ramped up to kill thousands more Badgers this year.  I’m sure I’m not alone in finding these pictures very painful.  It’s pitiful to see these magnificent families of creatures being destroyed.  I’ve been involved

in the search for a solution to the problem of TB in cattle for 7 years now, and many of us believe we are on the brink of finding the real answer - an answer which lies in the herd and the testing - not in slaughtering wild animals.  The case for killing wildlife as part of a strategy for cleaning up herds of cattle is incredibly weak, and a huge doubt hangs over this policy.  Yet this Government blunders ahead as if they were blindfolded. It’s important to me to remain logical and I understand the points of view of all parties. Nevertheless, I have to say today I’m heartbroken.  This is a tragic waste of innocent lives, which will not help farmers or cattle; it’s also a criminal waste of taxpayers' money. 

Shame on the destroyers of Britain's native animals, just so some of us can continue to drink cows milk, and others can make money out of producing it. When you put it like that - is this cruelty really justifiable?

Dr Brian May Save Me Trust 

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