Visiting Camp Badger for the second time

02 November, 2012

Visiting Camp Badger for the second time

We visited Camp Badger for the second time in two years. Last year we were invited by the farmer who loans his land to the "stop the cull" campaigner, Jay Tierman, and an array of wounded badger patrol night walkers. The peaceful camp is much the same as last year with lots of tents, compost toilets and a very organised food kitchen. All the food is donated by local farmers.

A lovely lady makes the most amazing cakes to support its campers. We met lots of people from the many groups here. The somerset badger patrol took us on one of their walks and, on returning to the car park, we found many of the female patrollers came back to slashed tyres. This year we caught up with Hilary from Lush Cosmetics for a chat on video. video here

We also left about full of houses and tops for the cold nights. Some of them are modelled below.

Two of our volunteers are part of the wounded badger patrol that goes out from here at night.

These are some pictures of the somerset badger patrol women we met with after they had had their tyres slashed when they left their cars in a car park.

Here are some of the media coverage and some photos were taken. 

Brian May visits "Camp Badger" in Somerset.

Queen guitarist, Brian May, has campaigned extensively against the cull, and today he visited Camp Badger, which has been set up by anti-cull protesters near Williton in Somerset.

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