Build it and they will come!

GFG Windlesham

Windlesham is aiming to become Surrey’s first hedgehog friendly village. The Save Me Trust and Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue are both based here in the village to protect and support its prickly residents.

We are offering free advice and tips to anyone who would welcome hedgehogs to their garden in Windlesham. Here are some of the hazards that Grace may encounter in your garden - Amazing Grace Hedgehog Hazards. Why not try and overcome these hazards in your own garden? Let us know of any actions you have taken or any tips you have to create a GFG. Email us at

Fill in the form below to get yourself on the GFG  map. (the process will take  approximately 14 days) 

If you are local, why not call into the Sun Public House on the 29th April with some of Windlesham's most spikey residents.

If you want to be a champion in your village email us at for more information.