Team Badger - Setts, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll (or - Why the Government's badger cull must be abandoned)

On 27 February 2013, rock legend and Doctor of Astrophysics

Dr Brian May CBE will be attending the Oxford Union, where he will speak on the government’s proposed badger cull, deferred from 2012 following a strong campaign.


In recent years, Brian has frequently expressed his horror at the UK government’s unethical, unscientific and potentially disastrous policy on the problem of bovine TB in cattle. At the Union, he will outline his views and discuss his campaign, which culminated in victory last October when MPs voted to abandon the cull. Unfortunately, the vote proved only a temporary reprieve for badgers and the government are pushing ahead with the slaughter of yet more badgers this summer. A ten-year government study known as the Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT), carried out by an Independent Scientific Group (ISG) on Bovine TB, which cost taxpayers an extraordinary £50 million, slaughtering 11,000 badgers, concluded in 2007 that culling badgers "can play no meaningful part in the control of bovine TB in cattle".

This year will see Brian’s campaign group and the Team Badger organisation he has formed pull out all the stops once again, in order to prevent the new cull: one which, if approved by Parliament, will almost certainly exacerbate the problem for farmers in the UK, and will of course cause badgers unimaginable suffering. Brian was of course a founding member of Queen, and penned many of their greatest hits – one of which, “We will Rock You”, was reportedly played more than half a million times during the 2012 Olympic Games. His guitar, the ‘Red Special’ which he made himself with his father, is almost as famous as he is.

Brian has written two books on astrophysics, Bang! The Complete History of the Universe, and The Cosmic Tourist, and has many other 'careers', including fathering the musical We Will Rock You and researching 3D photography. He has also campaigned tirelessly for British wildlife over the last few years. For more information, please visit or