Happy Birthday Messages for Bri

Happy Birthday Bri


Happy Birthday Bri


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday Bri


Loving the music,  you rock!


Happy birthday, Bri! I hope my small contribution to Save Me brings you a little of the joy and inspiration you give to me on a daily basis. Much love xx


Happy Birthday Brian! Thanks to all "save me" people. You are angels 

רעות מימון

Happy Birthday Bri


Happy Birthday Bri


Happy Birthday Dr. May. Thank you for everything you do for animals who do not have a voice. You are #amazing.


Happy Birthday Bri 


Happy Birthday Brian! I wish you a special day & send a lot of love & hugs from Poland Rock on! 


Happy Birthday Bri 


Happy Birthday Bri 


Happy Birthday, Bri! This is a great idea by Yael. I was born on 19th July too, so always raise a glass to you. Here's to the next 70 years, Doc x


Happy Birthday Bri 


Happy Birthday Bri 


Congratulations to the world's most wonderful RockGod & AnimalFriend! Love,


Happy Birthday Bri 


Happy Birthday Bri 


Have a wonderful birthday Brian! Love,


Sto lat, sto lat dr Brian May from Poland :) Happy and sweet 70!


Happy 70 Birthday Brian, Thank you for years of great music. I salute you for all your work with the animals, keep up the good job. Rock On, love


Happy Birthday Bri 

Patricia Colen

Happiest of Birthdays to my Stero Sensei!! XX, JS 

Jane Sabini

Happy Birthday Brian! Sending lots of love

Coral Lazarof

Happy Birthday Bri 

Natalie Gospe 

Happy Birthday Bri 

Darlene Pfefferle

Happy Birthday Bri! I'm so happy this gift will bring you lots of happiness on your special day. Lots of love and hugs

Maria Smart 

Happy Birthday Bri 

Jane Lilley 

Have a very Happy 70th Birthday, Dr B! (July 19th) Thank you for giving animals a voice! 

Sherry Bagby 

Happy Birthday dear Brian, great to make a gift I know you're gonna love, a great idea. Thanks for all and keep fighting for what you believe in, I'm with you. Big Hugs

Trini Vergara 

Happy 70th Birthday Bri! Thanks for being an amazing human being and a pretty awesome musician too! Keep saving the world one Hedgehog at a time. We love you 

Julie Chandler 

Happy Birthday Bri 

L Patricio 

All the best wishes to you Brian!!! Congratulations! Keep on fighting for nature for animals for our planet. You are great!

Boris Brandenberg

Dr. Brian May, please keep on doing what you are doing with your music for us and helping to keep the animals who need our voice safe!

Ann-Marie Walker

Happy Birthday, Dr. Brian May!!! Wishing you all the best wishes and sending you a lot of love from Israel! Keep making awesome music and spreading awareness about the animals. 

Keren Reichsfeld

Couldn't miss an opportunity to wish you a Happy 70th Birthday, Brian. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for all you do. 

Kimberlee Imhof

Happy Birthday Bri 

Mario Bianchi 

My birthday is on the 17th just before Brian's so I'm donating to celebrate both of us because helping animals is equally close to my heart, and Dr Bri's support for the cause is the biggest reason I love him so much. Happy Birthday! x

Miranda Pelletier