02 June, 2017

This May loves Foxes and all wildlife…

Over 84% of the British population remain opposed to fox hunting. There is no doubt that Fox hunting is a toxic issue for the Conservative party. David Cameron tried and failed, as recently as 2015, to put through an SI (Statutory Instrument) that would have effectively castrated the Hunting Act. According to the mainstream press, the reason Cameron failed was

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24 December, 2015

This is the future of Hunting! No Cruelty, No Lies, No Kill 

This Boxing Day, hunts will gather to parade in villages across England and Wales for the traditional Boxing Day meet. But this year there will be a new atmosphere - a wind of change. A few months ago there was an attempt by Cameron and his merry men to undermine the Hunting Act with a ‘Statutory Instrument’. It would have reopened the door to full scale blood

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20 July, 2015

Relive It! By Dr Bri

You can now relive that extraordinary day of our rally against the SI.  The SI was an amendment posing as a 'technical detail’, which would have smashed the Hunting Act’s power to protect.  The day before Parliament was to vote on it, the Government, forced on to the back foot, withdrew both the debate and the vote. We received the news at the moment when

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